Our Jujube Farm

Jujubes grown in Australia

The horticultural business produces premium fresh Jujubes grown under environmental netting to protect the crops and produce premium quality.

We use irrigation and soil moisture monitoring technology and adopt minimal input production methods to grow our fresh produce.

Produce is carefully processed and packed on-farm in a purpose-built, solar powered packaging facility, with all operations certified HARPS, SEDEX, Freshcare.

As owner operators of the farm for the past 25 years we strive to deliver premium produce to our customers and consumers, and know the benefits of growing fresh produce in the Riverland.

Our values of responsible practices and improving sustainability in all that we do is a journey of continuous learning, assessment, engagement, and improvement.

Jujubes are supplied in packaging designed to balance sustainable practices, retain nutritional integrity and produce premium quality, and meet our customer’s needs.



Jujubes are a nutritionally dense food ideal for snacking and known for immune boosting properties.  They have been significant to Asian cultures for thousands of years and are an emerging crop and food in Australia.

We say they taste like a honey apple and look stunning on the tree as they hang like shiny decorations in clusters on the fruiting branches.

The fresh season is likened to fresh cherry season and creates excitement and demand, while value add jujube product can be consumed all year round in cuisines, as snack food, and even in traditional medicines.

Our fresh Shanxi Li Jujubes are in season over February, March, April.

Jujubes Supply Calendar

Start 15th Febrary – End 15th April

* supply date ranges subject to seasonal factors

Jujubes Packing Options

Carton – 4kg, 2kg, 800g

Flow Wrap – 200g to 1,000g

Custom – Product development available




Be meaningful to United Nations - Sustainanble Development Goals

Food Waste

Practices to reduce Food Waste


Responsible natural resource managers


Efficient irrigation and optimal use


Using and enabling recycled packaging

Solar Power

Facilities powered by solar energy


Improving sustainability


Fair Trade principles applied to the business


Providing opportunties and giving to the community


Being a constructive part of the circular economy

Our commitment to responsible practices and improving sustainability in all that we do is a journey of continuous learning, assessment, engagement, and improvement.

We aspire to designing our farming systems and products to be circular to ensure YFRESH provides a meaningful contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We have made significant investment in solar power, environmental netting, waste reduction, irrigation efficiencies, and on-farm infrastructure to ensure YFRESH produce retains its highest nutritional value and quality.

  • How we use Murray River Water,
  • how we design Packaging,
  • how we improve our Soils,
  • how we take care of our Team,
  • how we reduce Food Waste,
  • how we give to our Community,
  • how we engage with our Consumers…… matters to us.

YFRESH is committed to the stewardship of responsibility and sustainability locally and globally.


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35 Pennyfield Road Glossop South Australia 5344
PO Box 1314 Berri South Australia 5343

Email contact – please use the Contact Form
+61 405 172 468

ABN: 76 638 904 266

YFRESH supplies premium fresh Jujubes, Persimmons, Quinces to the Australian markets and is ready to supply International markets. Wholesale enquiries welcome, if you require lower quantities than pallet volumes we will connect you to a distributor.

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