Jujube Fruit

Learn a little more about Jujubes and how this unique fruit has a long history and unique qualities.

What does a Jujube taste like?

Delicious! A fresh jujube has a crisp, apple-like texture with a subtly sweet tangy taste. It’s an exceptional blend of honey and pear flavours, with a hint of citrus, making it a unique and refreshing fruit.

The thin, edible skin adds a slight chewiness and enhances the eating experience as you bite into a JUJUBENATE jujube!

While you do not eat the seed, we’re intrigued by its potential goodness and wellness benefits.


Jujubes are packed with Antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Fibre, with Phenolics offering Anti-inflammatory properties.


Jujubes can be enjoyed fresh or dried. We also have a variety of recipes you can follow to see how they can be used in cooking!

What is the best Jujube for eating fresh?

After extensive taste testing, and research, of different varieties of jujubes we agree the Li varieties are the most ideal for eating fresh.

JUJUBENATE fresh jujubes are Shanxi Li variety and have a unique balance in flavour profile and crispness, are a perfect size for snacking, and are premium for gifting to family and friends.

In a comparison analysis to Chico, Honey Jar, Si-Hong and Redlands varieties our scientific research data tells us the Australian grown Shanxi Li jujubes is the best choice for JUJUBENATE.

How many Jujubes should you eat a day?

We suggest beginning with 3 fresh jujubes a day (we eat more!).

In Asian culture it is thought you should eat 3 jujubes a day, just like in Australia we say eat an apple day.

Remember, always check with your health professional on your dietary and health requirements and effects on medications.

JUJUBENATE fresh jujubes are backed with scientific research data that will support you in your wellness and health journey!

Jujubes are a delicious snack, and we say they rejuvenate our bodies and make us feel great!

Dried jujubes are eaten by many cultures all year round for enjoyment and health benefits.  So while we love fresh at JUJUBENATE we are also using our CSIRO scientific research data to develop a shelf-stable product that is antioxidant-rich and packed with wellness to enjoy 365 days a year!

Keep connected and stay informed of new JUJUBENATE products coming soon!

Where do jujubes come from?

While JUJUBENATE jujubes may be new to your local grocery store or green grocer, jujubes have a rich history rooted in ancient civilisations.

Originating in China over 4,000 years ago jujubes were known as Zao, or Red Date, and prized for their crisp sweet taste and medicinal properties and became significant in cultural practices and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Jujubes spread along the trade routes to other parts of Aisa and the Middle East, and eventually Europe and are known by many names in multiple languages.

JUJUBENATE is excited to explore and learn more about how jujubes have been used in culinary, cultural, and medicinal practices by cultures over millennia’s.  We look forward to sharing this with you too!