What are other names for jujubes?

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Jujubes are known by various names across different regions and cultures. In botanical terms, they are classified as Ziziphus jujuba.

Here are some of the names by which jujubes are commonly referred to:

  • Jujube: The most common and widely used name. Some say ‘ju-jube’, others say ‘ju-ju-bee’
  • Zao (枣): In Chinese, the word for jujube is “zǎo” (枣).
  • Red Date (红枣 – Hóng Zǎo): In some regions, they are called red dates due to their similar appearance and sweet taste.
  • Chinese Date (Chinese: 枣 – Zǎo): Reflecting their origin, as jujubes have a long history of cultivation in China.
  • Ber (बेर): In India, they are often referred to as ‘Ber’ or ‘Bor’ in Hindi.
  • Kul:ab (قلاب): This is a name used in some Middle Eastern countries.
  • Annab (عناب): Used in some Arabic-speaking regions.
  • Daechu (대추): This is the Korean name for jujubes.

These names reflect the widespread cultivation and consumption of jujubes across different cultures and regions.

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